About Us

ESENKİM has taken advantage of years of experience in the production and trade of chemical raw materials in Turkey to become a leader in raw material supply. In addition to basic chemicals, the company also supplies raw materials for metal groups and paper production.

Our company’s partnerships with raw material producers such as ammonium chloride, chlorine paraffin and caustic soda ensure that the products are subjected to continuous inspection and analysis and are of the best quality. In addition, the direct connection of raw materials from abroad to producing plants makes it possible to offer world-class raw materials to our customers.

Our Vision

To produce first-class raw materials for different sectors with our R&D studies, in which we invest the most, and to ensure that the companies using our products benefit from the opportunities in global markets in the best way possible in line with their needs.

Our Mission

Our company, which always prioritizes quality and continuity in the products it offers to the service of our customers, to consolidate its place at the top by constantly adhering to technological developments and innovations, to increase our knowledge and product diversity to go beyond the needs of our customers.

Our Strategy

To maintain our leadership in our country with the sale of the products we produce, to continue our pro-active role in the international arena,
To increase the satisfaction of our customers and our effectiveness in the market, To offer alternative competitive products to our customers by equalizing our business partners, To strengthen our working capital by ensuring healthy and sustainable growth, Our goal in chemical supply is to meet the needs of our customers in the best way.