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Chlorine Paraffin is a versatile, colorless or yellowish liquid or solid. Chlorine Paraffin, which acts as a secondary plasticizer, is preferred in sectors such as PVC resin and synthetic rubber.

It is added to the production of cable sheaths as a flame retardant agent because it adds non-flammability to the product.

The degree of chlorination of chlorine paraffins, which are also preferred as working fluids in the metal processing industry, varies by weight.

In industry, chlorine paraffins with chlorination degrees between 30 and 70 are used.

Chlorine paraffin also acts as a component of PVC industrial hoses and products such as leather belts and cables. 

Product Appearance :‌ Liquid Formula (Formula): C10-13, C14-17, C>17

Packaging: IBC


Where is Chlorine Paraffin used?

    • Used in rubber production
    • It is used as a non-flammable plasticizer in PVC formulations,
    • Used in the production of acrylic and vinyl paints
    • Used to prevent burning in cable sheaths
    • Used as a high pressure additive in lubricants
    • Used as a working fluid in metal processing
    • Chlorinated paraffins are used as secondary plasticizers for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and can be partially replaced by primary plasticizers such as phthalates and phosphate esters.
    • Chlorinated paraffins are also used as metallic processing fluids or metalworking lubricants or cutting oils, as well as extreme pressure additives due to their adhesive qualities, compatibility with oils and the ability to release hydrochloric acid at high temperatures.
    • They are added to paints, coatings and sealants to improve resistance to water and chemicals, such as marine paints, industrial floor coatings, containers and coatings for swimming pools
    • Chlorinated Paraffin can be used in additives in combination with chlorinated polyethylene or chlorinated rubber for the impregnation of textiles, in particular fireproof surface coating and natural fiber fabrics, and in combination with chlorinated polyethylene or chlorinated rubber for the soiling and waterproofing of synthetic fibers.
    • Due to its polar properties, chlorinated paraffin is also used as lubricants for leather and similar raw materials.
    • Due to full compatibility, low volatility, good stability and non-flammability, various types of Chlorine Paraffin are used as plasticizers in preparations of solvent and emulsion paints and varnishes.
    • Adding Chlorinated Paraffin to paints or varnishes increases their hardness, gloss and resistance to acids and alkalis and improves the elasticity of the final product.

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