Our company supplies first-hand and top quality chemical products.

Ammonium chlorıde

99.5 % , Feed Grade , Tech Grade

We supply this product from the manufacturers that we have been working with for years and that produce the highest quality Ammonium Chloride and we take care to keep it constantly available in our stocks. we provide both technical quality and feed quality with price and quality guarantee. 

Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda Flakes , Liquid, Pearls

Caustic Soda is a chemical that is used in many sectors with different types and purity rates. There has always been a high demand for this product in our country. We always work to provide the same quality product to our customers.

This chemical component, which is used in many sectors, especially in water treatment plants, is supplied by our company with quality and price guarantee.

Chlorınated paraffın

C10-13, C14-17, C>17

Chlorinated Paraffin is a versatile, colorless or yellowish liquid or solid. Chlorine Paraffin, which acts as a secondary plasticizer in the system, is preferred in sectors such as PVC resin and synthetic rubber.