Wheat Gluten

What is Wheat Gluten ?

Wheat gluten is a compound commonly used in the animal feed industry. Wheat gluten, which is the protein-containing part of wheat, is an important protein source in the feeding of industrial farm animals such as cattle, chickens, and pigs.

Animal feed producers mix this additive with other feed ingredients to obtain a high-nutrient feed blend. This product is rich in high-quality protein, which helps support the growth and healthy weight gain of animals.

Chemical & Microbiologies Properties :
Property Company amount Standard amount Std no
Wet 8 – 10 Max 10 2705
Total ASH 0.3 – 0.4 Max 2 2706
Protein 80 – 82 Min 80 2863
Residual Sieve 180 7 – 25% Max 25 4297
PH 6 – 7 5.8 – 6.4 37
Water absorb 1.5 – 1.7 Min 1.3 4297
Enumertion of micro organisms 1000 Max 5*104 5272
Escherichia coli Negative Negative 2946
Mould 10 100 3851
Buğday glüteni wheat gluten


Animal feed production is a widespread sector worldwide. Various nutrient additives are used in this sector to ensure the healthy growth and development of animals. One of the most important among these nutrient additives is wheat gluten.

Wheat gluten contributes to the muscle and bone development of animals thanks to its high protein content. It is used in the feed of many animals, especially poultry, cattle, pigs, and fish. The use of this substance is widespread worldwide, and the use of it in animal feed production is frequently seen in countries such as the United States, the European Union, China, India, and Brazil.

However, the quality and reliability of wheat gluten sources are important. Therefore, animal feed producers tend to focus on quality and reliable sources in the supply of wheat gluten. Our company is specialized in animal feed additives such as wheat gluten and provides its customers with the highest quality products.

In addition, other nutrient additives are also used in animal feed production, not just this product. For example, other nutrient additives such as corn gluten, soy flour, poultry feather meal, fish meal, and fish oil are frequently used. These nutrient additives are beneficial in many ways, such as the growth, development, and strengthening of the immune systems of animals.

Animal feed production is also important for people to eat healthy. Because if animals are not fed properly, people cannot eat their meat, milk, or eggs and eat healthily. Therefore, nutrient additives used in animal feed production are also important for human health.

In conclusion, wheat gluten is one of the most important nutrient additives used in animal feed production. However, it must be procured from quality and reliable sources. Our company is specialized in animal feed additives such as wheat gluten and provides its customers with the highest quality products.

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