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Sodium hydrogen carbonate or Sodium bicarbonate with the formula NaHCO3 is one of the sodium salts in combination with carbonic acid. This compound is odorless and tasteless and is in the form of a white or crystalline powder. Sodium Bicarbonate is also known as Soda. Sodium bicarbonate absorbs moisture and removes odor.
Because it has been known and widely used for so long, sodium bicarbonate has many different names, such as baking soda, bread soda, cooking soda, and bicarbonate of soda.
If kept cool (at room temperature) and dry (an airtight container is recommended to keep moist air out), sodium bicarbonate can be stored for at least two or three years without significant degradation.

Product Appearance: White solid

Formula: NaHCO3

Packaging: In 25 Kg Sacks

Chemical name: Sodium bicarbonate
Sodium bicarbonate

Sodyum Bikarbonat


  • In cooking,  Soda is primarily used in baking as a leavening agent. When it reacts with acid, carbon dioxide is released, which causes the dough to expand and creates the characteristic texture and grain in cakes, quick breads, soda breads and other baked and fried foods.
  • Baking Powder, Many forms of baking powder contain this compound combined with calcium acid phosphate, sodium aluminum phosphate or cream of tartar.
  • Mild Disinfectant, Soda has weak disinfectant properties and can be an effective fungicide against some organisms. Since soda will absorb musty odors, it has become a trusted method for bookstores used to keep books smelling less foul.
  • Fire extinguisher,  since heating this compound releases carbon dioxide, it can be used to extinguish small oil or electrical fires by throwing it on the fire. However, it should not be applied to fires in deep fryers.
  • Agriculture, Soda can inhibit the growth of fungi when applied to leaves; however, it does not kill the fungus. Excessive amounts of sodium bicarbonate can cause fruit discoloration (two percent solution) and chlorosis (one percent solution).
  • Medical uses and health, 
  • Personal Cleaning, This compound is also used as an ingredient in some mouthwashes. It has antiker and abrasive properties.
  • Veterinary uses, Sodium hydrogen carbonate is used as a cattle feed supplement, especially as a buffering agent for the rumen.
  • Cleaning agent, Sodium bicarbonate is used in a process to remove paint and corrosion called soda blasting. As a blasting medium, sodium bicarbonate is used to remove surface contamination from softer and less flexible substrates such as aluminum, copper or wood that may be damaged by the abrasive environment of silica sand.
  • Odor control,  It is often claimed that baking soda is an effective deodorizer and it is recommended to keep an open box in the refrigerator to absorb odor.

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